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Wikinews promotes the idea of participartory jounalism because of the belief that citizens know what is news like no others. You are invited to join in this effort, and share news that is of interest to you.
The Wikinews project is no less daring. Wikinews is a [[w:free content|free content]] [[w:news source|news source]] of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to provide content where everyone is invited to contribute reports about events large and small, either from direct experience, or summarized from elsewhere. Wikinews is founded on the idea to build a unique news environment to enrich the media landscape.
Wikinews will be useful even if it starts by having few original reports—because it will provide free, neutral, integrated summaries of the news from elsewhere. It will already be useful even if the subject range covered will be full of gaps—because in these subject areas, we will already benefit from the collaborative wiki model. It will grow to become more useful every day.