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:Voilà une première passe de traduction, si quelqu'un veut bien repasser derrière... [[Utilisateur:Otourly|Otourly]] 14 janvier 2010 à 12:46 (UTC)
::{{fait}} [[Utilisateur:JackPotte|JackPotte]] 15 janvier 2010 à 12:37 (UTC)
Extended list of things to translate. (There's still a couple more, most to do with template names)but this is most of it:
Bawolff.review_i18n = {
review_tab: 'Review',
review_tab_tooltip: 'Do a peer review on this page',
pass: 'Pass',
fail: 'Fail',
not_reviewed: 'Not reviewed',
form_comment: 'Comment: ',
form_comment_overall: 'Comments by reviewer: ',
form_rev_numb: 'Reviewing revision ',
form_submit: 'Submit Review',
form_copyright: 'Copyright',
form_copyright_page: 'Wikinews:Copyright',
form_news_page: 'Wikinews:Content_guide',
form_news: 'Newsworthiness',
form_sources_page: 'Wikinews:Cite_your_sources',
form_sources: 'Verifiability',
form_sg: 'Style',
form_sg_page: 'Wikinews:Style_guide',
form_npov_page: 'Wikinews:Neutral_point_of_view',
form_npov: 'NPOV',
tasksError: 'Could not add article flag to article due to error: "$1". Peer review template will still be added to talk, but make your checks.',
unknownError: 'Easy review script has uncaught exception [tell Bawolff]: ',
softEditError: "Something bad happened (recoverable edit error, like a captcha or something. However we couldn't figure out how to recover.)",
errorNoPub: "Could not add \{\{publish\}\} to article. Due to error: '$1'. Continuing with rest of review process.",
pub_edit_summary: "Publish. (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js|easy peer review]])",
review_comment: "Submited using easy peer review - MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js", //comment in src.
review_header_pass: "Review of revision $1 [Passed]",
review_header_fail: "Review of revision $1 [Failed]",
review_revid: 'revid', //argument name for revid in peer reviewed template
review_copyright: 'copyright',
review_newsworthy: 'newsworthy',
review_verifiable: 'verifiable',
review_npov: 'npov',
review_style: 'style',
review_reviewer: 'reviewer',
review_comments_field: 'comments',
review_time: 'time',
review_peer_reviewed: 'peer_reviewed', //peer review template name.
tasks: 'tasks', //translating the call to {{tl|tasks}}
tasks_copyvio: 'copyvio',
tasks_news: 'news',
tasks_src: 'src',
tasks_npov: 'npov',
tasks_mos: 'mos',
tasks_rereview: 're-review',
publish: 'Publish', //name of publish template.
editSummary_sight: "Publishing article after successful peer review (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js]]): ",
editSummary_failReview: "Failed Review. Add article flag. (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js|easy peer review]]",
editConflict: "*********[edit conflict]********** \nSomeone has edited this page since you have reviewed it. Do you want to review this page (including the latest edits) anyways?",
done: 'Done.',
success: '"$1" has been successfully reviewed. $2', //$1 = article name, $2= make lead box
success_ml: 'Make this story a lead article', //$1 = article name
success_ml_url: '/wiki/Wikinews:Make_lead',
fail_review: '<b>Done</b> "$1" has been reviewed (With the article <b>failing</b> the review process)', //$1=article name.
trigger_id: 'review', //look for this id in pages to mean that the article is ready for review.
trigger_func: function () {} //leave alone unless you know what you're doing. return true to signify this page is eligable to be reviewed.
[[Utilisateur:Bawolff|Bawolff]] 15 janvier 2010 à 20:02 (UTC)
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