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{{fait}} : j'ai compris "lead box" comme "boîte révisée", n'hésitez pas à corriger, maintenant j'attaque les 2 autres : [[Modèle:Tâches]] et [[Modèle:Tâches/TaskParse]]. [[Utilisateur:JackPotte|JackPotte]] 15 janvier 2010 à 21:36 (UTC)
::Cool. I added some more messages. Here is the final one, that covers everything (most of it you already translated). [note you didn't really have to translate the stuff after <code>//</code>. Those were comments to say what the message does, they don't actually do anything]. The last 4 things on this list are technical. If they're confusing, I can help translate them. This is the complete script. After done, copy it (and only it. You don't need any of the script from en) to [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js]]
<source lang='javascript'>
if (typeof Bawolff === "undefined") Bawolff = {};
if (!Bawolff.review_i18n) {
//These are treated as raw HTML. don't give yourself an XSS! (basically avoid >, <, unless its part of html)
//Anything that ends in _page should be in url form (Aka [[project:ét b]] would be 'project:%C3%A9t_b' not 'project:ét b' )
Bawolff.review_i18n = {
review_tab: 'Review',
review_tab_tooltip: 'Do a peer review on this page',
pass: 'Pass',
fail: 'Fail',
not_reviewed: 'Not reviewed',
form_comment: 'Comment: ',
form_comment_overall: 'Comments by reviewer: ',
form_rev_numb: 'Reviewing revision ',
form_submit: 'Submit Review',
form_copyright: 'Copyright',
form_copyright_page: 'Wikinews:Copyright',
form_news_page: 'Wikinews:Content_guide',
form_news: 'Newsworthiness',
form_sources_page: 'Wikinews:Cite_your_sources',
form_sources: 'Verifiability',
form_sg: 'Style',
form_sg_page: 'Wikinews:Style_guide',
form_npov_page: 'Wikinews:Neutral_point_of_view',
form_npov: 'NPOV',
tasksError: 'Could not add article flag to article due to error: "$1". Peer review template will still be added to talk, but make your checks.',
unknownError: 'Easy review script has uncaught exception [tell Bawolff]: ',
softEditError: "Something bad happened (recoverable edit error, like a captcha or something. However we couldn't figure out how to recover.)",
errorNoPub: "Could not add \{\{publish\}\} to article. Due to error: '$1'. Continuing with rest of review process.",
errorFetchFailureSuccess: "Could not retrieve page source from server when trying to replace review with publish in successful review",
errorFetchFailFail: "Could not retrieve page source from server when trying to replace review with tasks in failed review",
ErrorEditConflictCancel: "User prematurely cancelled due to edit conflict",
warningNoArticleID: 'Warning (Please leave user:Bawolff a note): Could not figure out revision id of new published version of article. Falling back to using revision id of penultimate revision. you may have to sight the latest version of this article manually.',
pub_edit_summary: "Publish. (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js|easy peer review]])",
review_comment: "Submited using easy peer review - MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js", //comment in src.
review_header_pass: "Review of revision $1 [Passed]",
review_header_fail: "Review of revision $1 [Failed]",
review_revid: 'revid', //argument name for revid in peer reviewed template
review_copyright: 'copyright',
review_newsworthy: 'newsworthy',
review_verifiable: 'verifiable',
review_npov: 'npov',
review_style: 'style',
review_reviewer: 'reviewer',
review_comments_field: 'comments',
review_time: 'time',
review_peer_reviewed: 'peer_reviewed', //peer review template name.
tasks: 'tasks', //translating the call to {{tl|tasks}}
tasks_copyvio: 'copyvio',
tasks_news: 'news',
tasks_src: 'src',
tasks_npov: 'npov',
tasks_mos: 'mos',
tasks_rereview: 're-review',
publish: 'Publish', //name of publish template.
editSummary_sight: "Publishing article after successful peer review (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js]]): ",
editSummary_failReview: "Failed Review. Add article flag. (Using [[MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js|easy peer review]]",
editConflict: "*********[edit conflict]********** \nSomeone has edited this page since you have reviewed it. Do you want to review this page (including the latest edits) anyways?",
done: 'Done.',
success: '"$1" has been successfully reviewed. $2', //$1 = article name, $2= make lead box
success_ml: 'Make this story a lead article', //$1 = article name
success_ml_url: '/wiki/Wikinews:Make_lead',
fail_review: '<b>Done</b> "$1" has been reviewed (With the article <b>failing</b> the review process)', //$1=article name.
trigger_id: 'review', //look for this id in pages to mean that the article is ready for review.
trigger_func: function () {}, //leave alone unless you know what you're doing. return true to signify this page is eligable to be reviewed.
regex_sources: /\*\{\{(?:[sS]ource(-pr|-science)?|[aA]pasource|[pP]apersource|[oO]rsource|[sS]ourceReg)\|[^}]*\}\}/gm,
prePubTransform: function (page) {
//called before adding publish to article
page = page.replace(/\{\{[dD]ate\|[^}]*\}\}/, "\{\{date|\{\{subst:#time:F j, Y}}}}");
page = page.replace(/\{\{[bB]reaking review(?:\|[^}]*)?\}\}/g, "\{\{breaking}}"); //rm {{tl|breaking review}} add breaking
page = page.replace(/\{\{(?:[rR]eview|[bB]reaking review|[rR]eady|[uU]nder review)(?:\|[^}]*)?\}\}(?:\n)?/g, ""); //rm {{tl|review}}
page = page.replace(/\{\{[dD]evelop(?:ing)?(?:\|[^}]*)?\}\}(?:\n)?/g, ""); //rm {{tl|develop}}
stripReviewForFail: function (page, tasks_template) {
//if review fails, remove review tag. add tasks
page = page.replace(/\{\{(?:[rR]eview|[bB]reaking review|[rR]eady|[uU]nder review)(?:\|[^}]*)?\}\}/, tasks_template); //replace {{tl|review}} with tasks
page = page.replace(/\{\{(?:[rR]eview|[bB]reaking review|[rR]eady|[uU]nder review)(?:\|[^}]*)?\}\}(?:\n)?/g, ""); //if multiple review templates
//Load from en wikinews, but with alt translation defined above.
[[Utilisateur:Bawolff|Bawolff]] 15 janvier 2010 à 22:46 (UTC)
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