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|text= This article is marked as '''requiring a pre-publish review''' by an uninvolved editor.<br> {{#if:{{{1|}}}|This article needs '''{{{1}}}''' before it can be published.}} Please '''[[Wikinews:Publish checklist|check]]''' if it complies with [[WN:PG|Wikinews policies and guidelines]].<br />
To publish the article, replace the <code><nowiki>{{review}}</nowiki></code> tag with <code><nowiki>{{publish}}</nowiki></code>; If not, with <code><nowiki>{{develop}}</nowiki></code> or an appropriate [[Wikinews:Article flags|flag]], noting reasons on the [[{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAME}}|Talktalk page]].<br />
Articles '''should not''' be moved from {{tl|review}} to {{tl|publish}} until an independent editor has checked sources or [[WN:OR|original reporting]] and verified that the article is factually accurate.<br />
Reviewers: See {{tl|Peer reviewed}} for help with review comments on the article's talk page.