Différences entre les versions de « Modèle:Révision par des pairs »

(→‎Use : add some notes about gadget)
*Find the review tab. This should be on the drop down menu in vector (See image on right), or a tab on the top of the page in monobook (beside the history tab).
*If all else fails, you can also get to it by typing <code>javascript:Bawolff.review.start()</code> in the address bar and hitting enter. (This will work even if the article is not up for review, so make sure that the article is up for review before doing that.) If that doesn't work, it means the gadget did not load properly, in which case, notify [[user:Bawolff]].
*A form should popup (See [[:imagemedia:EasyPeerReview-filling out.png|image]] for example). Fill it out, hit submit and the gadget should take care of the rest.
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