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{{WNIQ|MM}}'''Besides trees, what other damage occurred?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}Well, signs are on 45 degree angles, but trees are blocking roads and their [''sic'']there are powerlines in [half].
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''Is [''sic''] there any damages to buildings?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}Not that I have scene [''sic'']seen. The major problem is the trees. They are blocking main roads.
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''Do you know of any injuries to people?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}Yes, I know of at least 3 deaths and 5 injurys [''sic'']injuries.
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''Is [''sic''] there any details of these deaths and injuries?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}I know a tree fell on someones [someone''sic'']s car.
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''How long until power is restored[?]'''
{{WNI response|PC}}They say in 2 days. I want to add the fact transformers lit the sky up for miles. Some for a few sec[onds], some for 30 [seconds]. Also power is back for businesses.
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''How are emergency services responding?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}Well I have been told that every volunteer and cop is on duty. Also all police resources are being used from under cover [''sic'']undercover cars to bikes. Anything with a siren really.
{{WNIQ|MM}}'''How are the telephone services and other forms of communication working?'''
{{WNI response|PC}}Their [''sic'']There are no phone lines working. [Wireless phones] are the only way to communicate and... [[w:Mi-Fi|Mi-Fi]]. It's a portable [[w:router|router]].