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{{date|March 16, 2010}}
On the 27th of February this year, [[Chile]] was hit by an 8.8 [[w:Moment magnitude scale|MM]] [[w:2010 Chile earthquake|earthquake]] on the moment magnitude scale; almost 500 were killed, with resulting tsunami destroying most coastal towns between [[w:Llolleo|Llolleo]] and [[w:Araucanía Region|Araucanía Region]]. A [[w:2010 Pichilemu earthquake|second earthquake]] last week, with its epicentre in [[w:Pichilemu|Pichilemu]], caused destruction in the [[w:Coquimbo Region|Coquimbo]] and [[w:Bío Bío Region|Bío Bío]] regions.
A ''[[Main page|Wikinews]]'' contributor is in the area, and we look at the extent of this natural disaster's damage through his photographs.