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== Interview ==
[[File:Interview with Juana Bustamante (Full).oggogv|thumb|thumbtime=20|left|EditedVideo lowinterview qualitywith versionJuana of the [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJIJR5yuV8E YouTube video]Bustamante. {{image source|[[Diego Grez]]|media=video}}]]
[[File:Hector Valenzuela.jpg|thumb|right|Héctor Valenzuela, current Mayor of [[w:Santa Cruz, Chile|Santa Cruz]], has been severely criticized after the earthquakes. {{image source|[http://www.municipalidadsantacruz.cl/web2.0/images/alcalde.jpg Municipality of Santa Cruz]}}]]
{{WNIQ|Diego Grez}}'''Where are you living right now?'''