Différences entre les versions de « Chili : un séisme de magnitude 5,9 à Pichilemu laisse craindre une nouvelle catastrophe »

[[w:ONEMI|ONEMI]] (National Emergencies Office), reported that [[w:Talca|Talca]], located 258 kilometers south of Santiago, was the city where the aftershock was felt the strongest. Pablo Marín of ONEMI told [[w:TV Chile|TV Chile]] no casualties were reported and only some telephone lines had collapsed.
More than eight aftershocks hit in the area on Sunday: at 14:52:31 local time (18:52:31 UTC), magnitude 3.3, reached a depth of 15 kilometers and thewith epicenter was located three kilometers at the northwest of [[Pichilemu]]; at the 15:22:57 (19:22:57 UTC), magnitude 4.3, had a depth of 32.6 kilometers andwith the epicenter was located nineteen kilometers northwest of [[Pichilemu]]; at the 15:46:29 (19:46:29 UTC), magnitude 4.7, with a depth of 29.7 kilometers, the epicenter was located fifteen kilometers north of [[Pichilemu]]; at 16:02:46 (20:02:46 UTC), magnitude 3.7, with a depth of 30.7 kilometers and the epicenter was located ten kilometersnorthwestkilometers northwest of [[Pichilemu]].