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{{date|November 28, 2010}}
[[Wikileaks]]' website is reportedly under attack from hackers as it prepares to release three million documents, described as "diplomatic dynamite", detailing communication between [[United States]] embassies. "We are currently under a mass [[w:Denial-of-service attack|distributed denial of service attack]]," the organisation said on its [[Twitter]] feed. The website, run by [[w:Julian Assange|Julian Assange]], retaliated by saying that even if their website goes down, several newspapers will publish the leaked files this evening.
The [[w:Presidency of Barack Obama|Obama administration]] wrote to Assange yesterday to warn him that "countless" lives would be put at risk should the documents be published. "We will not engage in a negotiation regarding the further release or dissemination of illegally obtained US government classified materials," the letter stated. ''[[Wikinews]]'' reported on Saturday that officials in [[Washington]] were contacting embassies around the world to warn diplomats of the leak.
Assange told reporters on Sunday: "The material that we are about to release covers essentially every major issue in every country in the world." AnalystsWikileaks have saidconfirmed that the''[[w:El letterPais|El reflectsPais]]'', the''[[w:Le U.S.Monde|Le administrationMonde]]'s', concern''[[w:Der overSpeigel|Der possible publication of the filesSpeigel]]'', which''[[w:The mayGuardian|The containGuardian]]'' and ''[[w:ListThe ofNew diplomaticYork missionsTimes|The ofNew York Times]]'' will be publishing the Uniteddocuments States|Americanthis diplomats']]evening. opinions"The ofgreatest otheranxiety politicians,is somethat these leaks will reveal remarks [by U.S. diplomats] of whicha mayhostile benature candidtowards various Islamic leaders and embarrassingIslamic state policies," political analyst Peter Spencer said.
Analysts have said that the letter to Obama reflects the U.S. administration's concern over possible publication of the files, which may contain [[w:List of diplomatic missions of the United States|American diplomats']] opinions of other politicians, some of which may be candid and embarrassing.
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