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[[Utilisateur:Gfsas|Yves]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Gfsas|discussion]]) 1 février 2013 à 11:55 (UTC)
== The Wikinewsie Group ==
Hi. I apologize for not writing in French. If you have not seen [[:meta:The Wikinewsie Group]], please consider taking a look and signing up as a supporter of the organization's creation. It might be very beneficial for any French speaking Wikinews contributors. We are planning to have a meeting in the first week or two of May. If you sign up, please visit [[:meta:The Wikinewsie Group/Meetings]] and indicate which time works best for you. --[[Utilisateur:LauraHale|LauraHale]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:LauraHale|discussion]]) 21 avril 2013 à 02:18 (UTC)