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The spokesman for the Cyprus based operator, Louis Cruise lines, read out a statement saying that the company was working closely with Greek investigators.
{{quotation|"We would like to express our deep sorrow over the accident, and our thoughts are with the two missing people and their family. <br>The Sea Diamond was fully up to date with its inspections."}}
The Sea Diamond, a 21 year old ship sank at the end of its four day cruise, which included visits to Rhodes, Patios, Crete and Mykonos islands. Officials at the Greek Tourism board went into damage control to lessen the impact on its industry which accounts for a staggering 18 percent of its GDP.
{{quotation|"Whoever is responsible for this will be held accountable in the strictest way. Greece is a major tourism destination, and incidents like this must not be allowed to occur. ... Authorities handled the rescue very well."}}