Différences entre les versions de « Le capitaine et 5 hommes d'équipage du « Sea Diamond » mis en cause après l'accident et le naufrage »

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{{date|April 8, 2007}}
[[Image:Santorini-Wikinews.png|thumb|200px|left|The island's location]]
The captain ofand thefive cruise shipof whichhis sankcrew offfrom the coast[[w:Sea ofDiamond|Sea anDiamond]] Aegeancruise Seaship islandhave sendingbeen morecharged thanfollowing 1,500the peopleship's oncollision boardwith intoa rescue boatsknown and leavingwell-charted tworeef. people unaccountedThe forcharges waslaid chargedagainst onthe Saturdaycaptain withwere "causing a shipwreck through negligence.". The Sea Diamond sank soon after slamming into a well charted reef on Thursday inside Santorini's sea filled volcanic crater.
The captain was also charged with breaching international shipping safety regulations and polluting the environment stated a Merchant Marine ministry spokes woman. Along with the captains arrest and charge, five other sea officers were questioned but the spokeswoman did not confirm that they would also be charged. All six were set free and are expected to provide their testimony next week.