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[www.match4dating.com ]After weeks of talking online and maybe some phone calls, the big day has finally arrived to go out on the date. Make sure to meet somewhere out in public so neither of you will be too nervous or feel unsafe. Just remember guys, there are some crazy chicks out there, so meeting in public is not just a safety precaution for her.
[www.match4dating.com ]Some good public places to meet are coffee houses, cafes, or a restaurant. I've heard of people meeting up at bars, but that is probably not the best idea for the first date. Sure, it can take the edge off, but unless the two of you have already agreed this date is all about hooking up, the bar is probably not the best spot. When all else fails, I have actually met dates at the mall.[www.match4dating.com ] Considering there are always restaurants at the mall, it is not as bad as one might think. It is also very public.
[www.match4dating.com ]Another pointer, don't ask if you can bring your child along on the first date. Yes, this has happened to me, too. A child has no place on a first date. If you can't get a sitter for your child, you probably are not ready to date. Ask someone... anyone... to babysit your kid. Your child does not need to get attached to a new person yet. All of that should happen much later down the road.
[www.match4dating.com ]Finally, have fun on the date. Even if you don't think you clicked on the first date, but you had fun, it is always worth giving it another try on a second date. If it doesn't work out, that is OK. There are other single women out there waiting for you. Online dating can be fun and exciting. Also, I know at least 4 couples that met online that are now happily married. So give it a try, but be safe and smart about it.[www.match4dating.com ]
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