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* '''Requête''' : Hi. Sorry for my English, I don't know French. This wiki has an [[Wikinews:Modalités de suspension du statut d'administrateur|inactivity policy]], which states that administrators that have been inactive for a year are notified about that, and if within 3 months they do not answer, their sysop right is removed. I've seen that many users do not fulfill the policy, they are [[User:Amqui|Amqui]], [[User:Géodigital|Géodigital]], [[User:Otourly|Otourly]], [[User:Savant-bot|Savant-bot]] and [[User:Savant-fou|Savant-fou]]. I searched and didn't find any warning related to the inactivity. [[User:Grondin|Grondin]], as you are an active sysop (and bureaucrat), I ask you to notify those users if you consider that necessary (unless they were already told), and wait 3 months for their answers. Regards, [[Utilisateur:Esteban16|Esteban16]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Esteban16|discussion]]) 14 avril 2019 à 23:46 (UTC)
:: Hi [[user:Esteban16|Esteban16]], just few words. I’am inactive on this wiki and I don’t think it will change. I’m more busy on fr.wiktionary & Commons. Regards, [[Utilisateur:Otourly|Otourly]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Otourly|discussion]]) 15 avril 2019 à 04:29 (UTC)