I, Krzysiu Jarzyna, was born to be mild as Kit on February 20th 1990 in Poznań, Poland, so my native language is Polish language. I live in Murowana Goślina.

My major task is translating texts placed on English Wikinews and sending it to Polish Wikinews. Most translated texts are original reporting or about science.

I am also placing on all Wikinewses interwiki's links.

Krzysiu Jarzyna can be often found on Gadu-Gadu IM, jabber or IRC channel #wikinews, #wikinews-pl, #wikipedia-pl at FreeNode (irc.freenode.org) server.

Since September 22, 2006 I am an admin of Polish Wiknews.

My IP: (before I created account, I made some interwikis)

pl:User:Krzysiu Jarzyna